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The German National Youth Orchestra on Beethoven Anniversary tour

Between 18. - 20. January, the German National Youth Orchestra (Bundesjugendorchester) will perform at the Teatro Ristori in Verona (Italy), the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine in Udine (Italy) and the Narodni Dom in Maribor (Slovenia) as part of their BTHVN2020 tour to mark Beethoven's 250th Anniversary Year. The orchestra will play the Bonn Composer’s Fidelio Overture and 5th Symphony complemented by Klaus Huber’s “Tenebrae” for a Large Orchestra and "Rush", a piece by Sergej Maingardt commissioned by the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat) for BTHVN2020.

The tour will be conducted by Lothar Zagrosek.

Photo: Selina Pfruener

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