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Gabriel Bebeșelea presents the Musica Ricercata Festival

Between 16. - 19. July, the Musica Ricercata Festival Opus 1 takes place in Sibiu / Hermannstadt. The festival was founded and is curated by Gabriel Bebeșelea and features recitals, open discussions with personalities from the cultural sector and orchestral performances, focusing on re-discovered baroque manuscripts and the performance of long forgotten masterpieces by Transylvanian composers. On the last day of the festival, Gabriel Bebeșelea leads the ensemble Musica Ricercata in a programme entitled "BaRockIN’ Transylvania”, which explores the musical synchronicity between the Transylvanian and the Western-European culture.

After the festival, Musica Ricercata embarks on a Romanian tour under the baton of Gabriel Bebeșelea and featuring soprano Rodica Vica as soloist, and will perform in Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, Mediaș and at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. This project marks the first collaboration between Musica Ricercata and the European Union Youth Orchestra as part of their recently signed partnership agreement.

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