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Gabriel Bebeșelea and Alexandra Tirsu with the "Transylvania" State Philharmonic Orchestra

In his first concert of 2023, Gabriel Bebeșelea leads the “Transylvania” State Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir in a programme presenting the cantata “O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort” BMW 60 by J.S. Bach featuring mezzo Melinda Duffner, tenor Tony Bardon and bass Ştefan-Ioan Muţ, as well as Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto in the first part. Taking center stage as soloist for the Violin Concerto is ARD Competition awardee Alexandra Tirsu. In the second part of the concert, Paul Hindemith's most famous orchestra work "Mathis der Maler” will be performed. The concert takes place on the 13. January starting 19:00 at the Auditorium Maximum in Cluj-Napoca.

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